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We are leading independent SAP consulting practice for Utilities and Public Sector

Brontobyte Technologies is a global IT consulting firm established to offer select and focused technology consulting services to businesses and government institutions globally. We are a rapidly growing organization providing consulting services for world class ERP/CRM and Intelligence tools from SAP and Microsoft. Our services include custom application development using the latest technology for client-server, web and mobile applications, and strategic sourcing.

BRONTOBYTE, based in India, has a global presence. It offers superior solutions to complex challenges faced by today’s businesses in reaping maximum value for their IT investments. Our services help companies achieve their goals by integrating strategic change, performance management, and technology solutions.

Our technical team consists of expert consultants from the industry with deep industry knowledge, operational excellence, and a passion to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients. We constantly strive to innovate, improve, and develop our expertise and leverage our skills to help our clients with their continually changing business requirements. Our team is guided by our philosophy of making maximum use of the existing infrastructure and providing the appropriate integration and upgrades to bridge business process gaps


15 years

An organisation evolved from more than 15 years of focused practice in Utililties


Leading independent organisation for SAP ISU. IS- Oil & Gas and SAP for Public Sector

UAE and South Africa

Based out of India with presence in
UAE and South Africa


Expertise in SAP CRM and
SAP Hybris

a. Our Objective

We aim to align our objectives with our client’s; thus in the process, adopt a need based approach and giving our clients an overall value proposition they have never experienced.

b. Our Vision

Our aim is to grow to be the most sought after technology partner for the utilities and governments; for we provide the best value for their resources.

c. Our Mission

Our mission is to be a platform that breeds the worlds best technology

d. Our Leadership

Shoukath Khan: Brontobyte is the practice led by Shoukath Khan who has experience in this market for more than 15 years. …

e. Our Presence

Brontobyte since its inception has rapidly grown across many regions globally. We now operate in following regions
  • India (HQ)
  • UAE (Office)
  • South Africa (Office)
  • Singapore (Office)
  • UK (Partner)
  • US (Partner)
  • Australia & NZ (Partner)

f. Our References

Brontobyte has more than 20 references globally for the services and solutions it offers. We are glad to have partnered with several IT houses / Utilities and municipalities to assist them and implement solutions from SAP.