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SAP for Oil & Gas

SAP’s industry specific solution for Oil & Gas is the most robust and credible tools available today. With the largest market share in this industry, SAP provides oil & gas companies a fully integrated tool to meet business challenges, regulatory compliances, optimized processes and a stream driven towards the potential growth.

BRONTOBYTE can help Oil & Gas companies and/or its IT vendors to support them through full implementation project, spot consulting and post production issue handling. Our capability for this industry is built through the real world experience and driven by our interest to contribute to the worlds power and energy sector. BRONTOBYTE has gained a reputation in Oil & Gas industry by providing experienced resources with strong domain background from its pool of global resources. Our resources are highly skilled and qualified IS-Oil & Gas professionals that use SAP’s best practices and are productive from second hour of deployment.

In SAP IS-Oil & Gas, our resources have experience to support
  • Downstream
  • Remote Logistics Management
  • Production and Revenue Accounting